Intelligent 3D

Scanning Solutions

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We make the world's best 3D scanners
and partner with businesses selling in
augmented reality

Photorealistic 3D Models at Scale

Our robotic 3D scanner produces 3D scans for augmented and virtual reality with the push of a button.


Increase Sales

Businesses that sell with augmented reality increase conversions by up to 10x.


Decrease Returns

With try before you buy, your customers are less likely to return their purchase, saving you time and money.


Our Story

3co was founded in 2018 to find a solution for 3D scanning potted plants. To our surprise, the technological innovations we built could be applied across numerous fields, such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, and healthcare. We participated in the Techstars London 2018 program, where we met incredible people who helped us form our go-to-market strategy, protect our technology with patents, and raise capital. We are excited about the potential applications our deep learning powered simulations can unlock and encourage you to follow our journey.

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